South Hams Brewery talks about Crab Juice

Posted by thewinkingprawn on August 31, 2017

Summer has finished on a high note at The Cracking Crab as we launched our own beer dedicated to our happy little corner of Polzeath, and a sister drink to Prawn Juice.  Creative Director at South Hams Brewery, Roy, explains what makes it unique…


Crab Juice.jpg


Where did the idea come from?


Working with the boys from the Winking Prawn, Crab Juice is like a cousin to Prawn Juice.  They wanted something that was perfect for summer by the beach and perfect partnered with seafood.


What was the brief?


Obviously it had to be different to Prawn Juice, and I defy you to say it’s the same! 


What makes it different?


It’s lighter than Prawn Juice and it’s the closest thing to lager that the South Hams Brewery makes.  The vintage hops they use are perfect for summer; it’s really drinkable.  The art is in the mix of the hops which we can’t reveal - it’s a closely guarded secret so we can’t tell you more!


Who came up with the design?


Me!  With all the beers we create I use a graphic style that’s tailored to be relevant to them. One has a ‘50s detective feel, and when it came to Prawn Juice I wanted a retro drawing style with a hint of the classic cartoons.  Crab Juice is similar but the crab’s got a bit of attitude on him than the prawn!  Obviously the colouration is different and is in line with The Cracking Crab’s own.


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