The people who put the crab in our crab salads

Posted by thewinkingprawn on November 17, 2016

It doesn’t get much finer than Salcombe crab, and central to its delivery to our plates is crabbing kings and queens Favis of Salcombe.  We spoke to Laura Favis about the local brand that’s gone global to find out what makes it so special…




How did Favis of Salcombe start?


My grandad started the business as WK Favis & Sons and as they progressed and bought bigger boats my dad and uncle joined.  Gradually it grew to become a family business and two years ago we bought a unit at Torr Quarry as well as a company that specialise in the hand picking of crab.  Now we export to London, Shanghai and generally all around the world!  Now we’re looking forward to possibly getting another boat and generally growing; it’s been a busy couple of years!


What makes Favis crab special?


I think it’s the waters where we are; they are so good for crab as it keeps them strong.  Our product is very traceable and sustainable as well.  We know who caught it, who landed it, who drove it to Torr Quarry, who picked it and who delivered it, so that’s very special.  We also throw it back if it’s too small and make sure it’s no shell.  We really take pride in the quality of it.




What’s the toughest thing about the crabbing industry?


We’re very much at the mercy of how good the fishing is.  If there’s no crab then there’s nothing to sell.  In the autumn it’s usually slower because of the different feeding patterns of the crab and weather conditions.


What’s the best thing about the industry?


We get to speak to so many different kinds of people all the time all over the world.  The directors go to China a lot as we have such a great reputation over there, everyone wants our crab! 




What’s your favourite way to eat crab?


A crab sandwich; a bit of brown meat, bit of white meat, lettuce and black pepper.


What’s your favourite thing on the Winking Prawn menu?


I get the same thing every time I go.  I love the steak salad; it’s so good!… And the summer BBQ; it’s amazing!


Your boat is pretty iconic in Salcombe.  Tell us one thing we don’t know about the Emma Jane?


The Emma Jane was custom built for us for fishing and the name Emma Jane came from my grandmother.  She said if she ever had a daughter, she would have called her Emma.