Meet Fake Tan – performing soon at Island Street!

Posted by thewinkingprawn on July 27, 2016


Performing at Island Street Bar & Grill on 13th August, cover band Fake Tan are back!  So bring your dancing shoes and your sweat bands, they’ve got everything from the ‘80s to Will Smith.  We caught up with them for a coffee and a chat to find out more…


How did the band start?


Fake Tan as born out of a group of friends who used to work in record deals with "serious" bands and just wanted to have some fun again. We were all fans of big performances in an era of shoe gazers so decided to play every gig like it was an arena show.  We never thought we would end up playing at the Royal Albert Hall and doing it for real.  It took three years of talking about it in bars before we even set foot in a rehearsal studio to make it happen, but that was nearly 12 years ago!


How would you describe your music?


We just go for route one floor fillers all the way.  We want to hit the audience right between the eyes from the moment the show starts, from the voiceover to the Top Gun theme tune!  Anything from ‘80s classics to the latest chart hits, played with 100% conviction and energy all the way.


Who’s your favourite artist both to cover and to listen to?


In our day jobs we all work in the music business, so it’s hard to say. We have a producer, a guitar designer and an A&R guy in the band's lineup so our actual musical tastes have been buried deep underneath our work.  We just like to think we know what gets a crowd going!  We probably would never listen to 90% of our music for pleasure, but we love playing it because it has a sense of humour and mixes very well with the alcohol that the audience (and we) consume during the evening!


What can we look forward to in your performance at Island Street?  


Current favourites for us to play are the new JT single with DNCE's Cake By The Ocean... but then classics such as Hot In Here (Nelly) and Getting Jiggy With It (Will Smith) just never get old!