Meet the Cornish artists featured at The Cracking Crab

Posted by thewinkingprawn on April 20, 2018

Surfing, art and food - can you think of a more perfect combination?


Surf 1.jpg


As you probably know by now The Cracking Crab had a bit of a makeover this winter, and in the process we have also acquired some new artwork.  In amongst our collection, we discovered the Single Fin Collective, where  Cornwall based artists Francesca and Sam create surf inspired artwork that we just love.  So we thought you would like to know more about them!


Surf 2.jpg


Are you full time artists?


No, we are artists part time and we both work full time at universities.  I work in the employability team and Sam works in tech.  We have both had a longstanding interest in art and I have done a lot of courses and training.  Around this time last year we both gave in to friends and family saying we should try and sell our work, so we put them on Etsy and it’s gone from there!  


We started with 10-15 designs and made a huge effort to create more.  We’re up to just over 70 designs now and have customers all over the world including Hawaii, Japan, and all the major surf spots across Europe.  It’s amazing when you get someone in Texas asking if they can buy this and that.  We also had a lady in Australia who found us on Etsy and bought around 20 of them for her B&B!


Surf 4.jpg


Have you always lived in Cornwall?


I lived in Devon for years when I worked at Plymouth University and I moved last year to Truro because a job came up for Exeter University.  I had wanted to be further into the South West for a long time and I jumped at the opportunity when it came up.  It’s lovely being 20 minutes from the surf, with lots of chances to go exploring.


Surf 3.jpg


What inspires you?


We both surf, it is embedded in our lifestyle and even if the surf is rubbish you can sit out on the water and enjoy being around the elements - the water and the occasional seal popping up.  If you can’t get on the water then exploring the coast path is wonderful.  We’re in love with the location in Cornwall; the colours and the shapes.  


I particularly like drawing animals as well; sharks and whales and octopuses.  Everything’s a lot of bright, bold colours; we’re lucky we can mix our stuff together and it works.


Surf 5.jpg


What mediums do you use?


Sam has a background in photography and uses Adobe Illustrator and other graphics tools, so all the Cracking Crab images are done using graphic design.  My work is more hand illustration, painting with watercolour and acrylic textures and patterns, especially when it comes to the animal images.  


What’s your favourite thing about The Cracking Crab?


The amazing view down to the beach.  The night I visited recently there was a humongous swell - I can’t wait to go back in the summer!