Meet the artist behind the new carnival cut out at The Cracking Crab

Posted by thewinkingprawn on May 10, 2019


We have a beautiful new hand painted carnival cut out at The Cracking Crab, painted by a local artist and friend of the Winking Prawn Group who also painted our surf style artwork on the walls inside the restaurant. With an amazing career and awesome experiences, we thought you might like to meet Hazel and find out more about her work!


So what do you do when you’re not painting at The Cracking Crab?

I am a freelance designer and I paint film sets. Most recently I have been working on a Kate Winslet film and a TV series at Warner Brothers. Other sets I have worked on include Pirates of the Caribbean, Love Island and The Hobbit. I also paint restaurants to enhance the look and feel, as you know!


How did you get into painting sets?

I started with The Hobbit and I have continued to work on large scale movies before spending a few years specialising in restaurants and creating movie sets in a restaurant environment.


Where did the ideas come from for The Cracking Crab panel?

I did all the painting on the walls and also on the carnival cut out. I have helped the team grow the vision of The Cracking Crab and to give it a surf aesthetic, so I painted all the artwork inside in a manner that’s reflective of the surfer artwork you often find in Australia. It’s playful and naive in its nature. The carnival cut out was an extension of that. It’s fun and playful and it fits in with the rest of the restaurant in an interactive way. It also ties in nicely with the style of The Winking Prawn in Salcombe.


What are you up to next?

I am passionate about surfing and riding a motorbike and both have been a big part of my life and lifestyle, so I am on the cusp of starting my own business. It’s called Peoples Kingdom and it’s all about luxury motorbike and surf accessories, designed for people who work to fund a life in the water or on the road. It’s got a tropical twist and it came from my personal feeling that it’s really hard to get colourful bike gear for girls and guys. The brand’s all about telling really interesting stories about people and it’s born from what I like and how I like to work. In fact I am just about to go to Malaysia to shoot a short film about it!

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