How well do you know The Winking Prawn?

Posted by thewinkingprawn on May 20, 2016

So you know you love The Winking Prawn, but do you know how it came to be the restaurant it is today?

winking prawn.jpg

Well, The Winking Prawn actually dates back to the 1960s, although it was a little different back then.  We know what you’re thinking, Mark and Jane are looking good on 50 years at the WP, but they actually discovered this little corner of North Sands 20 years ago when it was called The Oasis, having gone by a number of different monikers, including a stint as North Sands Café, in the interim.


At the time they ran three restaurants in Poole and friends had told them this was somewhere they simply had to see.  After a manic journey traversing the West Country in the days when the A38 still left a few things to be desired, and battling that characteristic Devon wind, they were just about to give up and turn around when they found this shack on the beach.  Sitting on the wall looking at it, they fell in love, and the rest as they say, is history.



 island street.jpg

Island Street Bar & Grill


So now that you know the story behind The Winking Prawn we suppose you want to know about the other members of the Prawn family.  Island Street Bar & Grill opened in 2010 and has been buckets of fun ever since.  At Hannaford’s Landing, we were late joining the party as the space was originally occupied by another restaurant, but once we got there we put our own stamp on the place with a little help from local artists including Mat McIvor who’s responsible for the murals on the walls, Paper Bird Island for our bespoke coffee table, and Island Street Bar & Grill’s own customers for the graffiti on the ceiling!  As for its famous burgers and live music – you can thank Luke for those!



 sailor v.jpg

Sailor V


Next stop was Sailor V which opened in 2013.  Many of you probably remember it as the former HSBC bank, but few are likely to be aware that way back in the 1920s it was actually called The Salcombe Coffee House – so it’s come full circle!  When we first got there, it had been left derelict for a couple of years, but with the help of a wonderful team we renovated some original features and added our own little touches to give it the speakeasy vibe that’s there today!



 cracking crab.jpg

The Cracking Crab


The latest addition to the Prawn family, The Cracking Crab opened in May 2015 and has just celebrated its first birthday – woohoo!  Funnily enough the Crab kinda followed in the footsteps of the Prawn, but this time it was Luke who did the travelling and saw serious potential on a surfing trip with Laurence to Polzeath.  Always a family effort, the rest of the clan quickly followed suit and low and behold the fourth pillar of The Winking Prawn Group was born, welcoming manager Trudi and her partner Ryan, who works his socks off as our inspired chef with a magic touch when it comes to seafood!