Christmas cards by Daisy - available now!

Posted by thewinkingprawn on November 20, 2019


’tis the season for sending Christmas cards, and as many of you will know, our wonderful friend Daisy Palmer has a real talent for painting. This year, she has once again surpassed herself by producing some beautiful Christmas cards featuring a design she has hand painted in her very own studio.

For those who have not ‘met’ Daisy before, she’s a magical young woman who suffers from Chronic Intestine Pseudo-Obstruction (CIPs). This means she cannot eat anything at all orally, and is fully reliant on being fed intravenously directly via her heart. She spends most of her time attached to her feeding machine, up to 18 hours a day in fact.

Daisy 1.jpeg

Daisy’s needs have required a number of adaptations to her family home as well as well as a wet room to make it easier to shower her, a medical storage room for all her equipment and medicines and a sterile medical preparation room. Then there’s all her art equipment for this budding artist.

Part of Daisy’s medical condition is that her hands are very shaky, so she has to concentrate extra hard when creating her paintings to keep her hands still. Her hands often get achey, especially after lengthy painting sessions, so she has to take regular breaks. However, she enjoys creating her paintings so much, she often paints on through the pain barrier. She gets very tired in the process, but it makes her incredibly happy, and the result is these beautiful and vibrant images - perfect for sharing festive messages.

Daisy’s cards are available now and are £7.50 for a pack of 10. Contact the Daisy Palmer Trust by visiting them on social media and contact them to purchase!